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MetropoliS Doppelganger Attack

The Doppelganger, pictured here during a raid on a resistance camp

Doppelganger is the Assassin of Marie Antionette, she kills with extreme cruelty and prejudice. she is described as the "Ultimate Killing Machine" she has an unstoppable ability to dodge all varieties of gunfire, explosives, and rocket-propelled explosives. she is a Combine Sleeper Cell Agent.

Early HistoryEdit

her past is unknown, some say she is new model of machine known as a killbot, others think she is directly a agent groomed by the Combine Personally


She has a cruel evil personality, and never speaks


  • Liquid Wolf- she sees him as an ally and nothing more
  • Marie Antionette- she doesn't have any real connections other than her employment in the Combine
  • Anne Boelin- really has no paticular care for her, she would rather kill her instead
  • Metropolice- She uses them as puppets, decoys, and at some points, target practice