"Society of the Local Populus"

The Combine Elitist are the original Denizens of the City, even prior to becoming a "City" (most Likely St. Petersburg, or Moscow) these people are considered the top of the elite class, and despises the groups such as the Ravers, Class R, and even the Bereau. Even Marie Antionette has commented on them by saying "not even the Gottiest of families can be this self centered"

Origin Edit

When the Combine Took Charge of the Area and began making it into a City, the locals rallied to resist at first, but the ones that instead aided the occupation were given new lives as the best of the best by the Combine Prior to Marie Antionette's Reign.

Views Edit

they are disgusted with the idea of free love and were quick to condone it. though for them it ended with the Combine pointing a barrel between their eyes, ready to silence the protest. Love is through fixed marraige, keeping their Bloodlines pure and unmixed. they give the combine a bad name, and slandered them for "Allowing garbage like the Ravers to gain entrance to our already tainting City" The feelings between the two are not even mutual, just business.

Currently in Society Edit

they currently live in luxury in Neon Valley Street. it is the closest to The Citadel and gives a glorious view, they are the only class to be able to use a main color other than black, grey, or white. or as they say so. the combine are in talks of enacting new restrictive laws