Liquid Oni

Liquid Oni during the lab incident

Liquid Oni is considered the true being of sentience within Liquid Wolf. he is considered a killing machine, and a true Oni, he is a total opposite from Liquid Wolf.

Snow LeopardEdit

He uses Snow Leopard with more of a rampant strike


Liquid Oni began life as a Hydra in the system of the Combine Labs, a creation that eventually was dumped due to the extreme cases of "friendly fire" this such subject was mindless and completely left without any true sentience detectable.

Birth of Oni LiquidEdit

the husk body that was used for Project Hydra became a perfect key to free the beast from its un-evolved limited life, it began to kill relentlessly finding pleasure in its new found life, it only stopped when it/he said "it was getting boring". it gave itself the name "Liquid Wolf" but the name stuck to Liquid Oni's more calm personality, which is only maintanable while the Host remains without having the Adrenaline "Pump" Throughout his body.

The Yin Yang CompromiseEdit

Both Liquid Wolf and Liquid Oni are the same person, both represent two sides of the yin and yang, Liquid Wolf being more calm, collective, and deadly. and Liquid Oni being murderous, impatient, and more invasive than his counterpart.


Liquid Oni finds himself way more "fun" and will talk about things in a negative bloody way, unless he will talk about his life, which then he resembles that of a japanese poet, he loves his body, saying it is "a major upgrade than his previous life" he loves toying with the Combine as well, he knows they won't react to his motions and only obey his orders. the only person he listens to is Marie Antionette. only because he feels some sort of "debt" to her for giving him the chance to have his new life. he is described by Combine Officials and Scientists as "mentally and personally confusing" as he makes as many different directions of personalities as possible.