Liquid Wolf Lab Creation

The Injection of the Sentient piece of the Hydra

"the water that is my soul shall drown your life"

-Liquid Wolf

Liquid Wolf is the Assassin Created By the Combine, he is the Result of Merging Man with the lifegiving
MetropoliS Liquid Wolf V.2

Liquid Wolf

element of water. hes at a young age. he was the result of Project Hydra. When Liquid Wolf begins to pump Adrenaline, it weakens the mental stability walls and releases Liquid Oni, the "other" personality



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Early LifeEdit

not much is known on Liquid Wolf's Early History, other than he has gone through all the ranks. to fully test his abilities. his only escaped target was the Sensei, or the current Resistance leader of City 92. since then
MetropoliS Early Liquid Wolf 2

Liquid Wolf after cutting down a Law Breaker

he has swore vengence and death to the Resistance.
MetropoliS Early Liquid Wolf

Liquid Wolf in his Early Life

Some Combine Footage ShowCasing Liquid Wolf Liquid Wolf in his Early Life

Project HydraEdit

Liquid Wolf was the result of Project Hydra, he has two personalities, the one that has been seen the most being in the "mello" state, its a mixture of the colliding of the host's and the Hydra's mental aspects and personality. the body acts in a samurai/ninja like manner and doesn't speak. the consequential other personality is that of the Hydra, though it is breed without a sentience, it gained it through delveing into the mind of the host, it has a wild demonic nature, and can kill anything in its wake, it only stopped after its newfound freedom because it said it got "bored"

Snow LeopardEdit

the weapon of Liquid Wolf, he carries Snow Leopard. its style is truly unique


Liquid Wolf's Ability is to turn into liquid water. his abilities came from the scrapped Hydra beast. he can take shape and form at will and has a skilled swordmanship ability. hes even known to kill the person from within. due to the fusion project, he must remain mentally stable or he becomes involved


he wears all black stealth suit and socks with sandals he has black paint lines under his eyes to give the appearence of a wolf. he also has a line going up his neck showing his body's modifications