Major Mylar during the incident

Major Mylar during the incident

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Major Mylar is an officer of the Combine Overwatch. unlike the assassins, he is not been in a project or experiment. and although he is a high ranking officer, he wasn't a real player in the Combine until Project Hydra, in which he met Liquid and took care of him. he currently oversees Metropolice and Administration Security. he is best described as a death agent. given his ability to kill off any target that stands in his way, he hat

Early HistoryEdit

the data as to what lead up to Project Hydra is unkown. all that is known is that he is best described as a troubled soul.

Project HydraEdit

Major Mylar was en route to the medical division to evaluate Project Hydra's killing ability, which was shown when he arrived at the Medical Division, all but one Combine Doctor was dead, Liquid Oni toyed with Major mylar while the damage was assessed, he then gave him his orders and deployed him on his first assignment, kill target, A.D.A.M. he arrived in standard combine Soldier gear to decieve any resistance, he then fought Adam first hand and kept the fight going until his body's adrenaline shut down, he was left on the ground. but before Adam and his posse took the advantage, Major Mylar showed up and killed two of them, leaving Adam to flee wounded. Liquid Wolf woke up back in the hospital bed of the medical division, Major Mylar Gave him Snow Leopard

Relationships Edit

-Marie Antionette- feels no real connection to her at all other than his job

-Doppelganger- finds her to be a killing machine with no soul

-Adam- a disgusting rebel

-Liquid- has a sort of caretaking connection that is never directly stated

-Cindy- could care less

Tragedy of Major MylarEdit

it could be considered sad that Major Mylar takes care of Liquid, and yet recieves nothing in return from Liquid, he is considered a tragedy due to the amount of effort given and none returned, he also shows more of a humanity than most of the Combine

The Reluctance of Major MylarEdit

It finally pays off when Major Mylar is finally recognized by Liquid Wolf


Major Mylar can be seen in the Club Raid, then later at the Combine Ball, giving Liquid Wolf sushi, and finally at the Train Station Apprehension Operation

MetropoliS 2Edit

He Only appears when Liquid Wolf is leaving for the Forest with the Retrival unit.