MetropoliS Poster

-Beta- Marie Antionette's Propaganda Poster

"Justice can only be Obtained by Sheer force"

-Marie Antionette

Marie Antionette is the Administrator of City 92, She is described as a cruel, clever, and cold, yet graceful woman. she destroys anything that stands in her way of achieving Justice, She is Seen with Anne Boelin. She feels as though she is the Best Administrator out of the whole Combine. She is a Tall, Skinny Woman. She Commands All of the Combine forces, Most Exclusively, The Combine Overwatch.


The Queen Anne Victoria - Marie Antionette's Main Weapon.

Early HistoryEdit

Marie Antionette, was Groomed from birth to rule with a thick fist of justice, and have an open palm to all cultures. She came to power with new ideas, within a short time span of her reign, she slammed down the law on all the Resistance bases and Destroyed all objects seen as unplesant to the Combine Image. she built a Capitalist/ Dictator Goverment Economy that still followed Combine Regulations. Her Infamous tower was that of an ancient film Tower icon. Apperently the whole city's design originated from it. shes an opportunist. and will use enemies to bring her to completing an even bigger goal


  • Anne Boelin- She has no true care for the fate of Anne Boelin, some have wondered why Anne Boelin hasn't been executed yet. it may be because of their Shaired "eliminate to win" scheme
  • Sir Anthony Greendown- She could care less about Sir Greendown, though as a Combine currency agent, she keeps tabs on him
  • (Beta) Doppelganger- She uses the Doppelganger at almost every chance that deems it necessery
  • (Beta) Liquid Wolf- She has personally ensured the evolution of her project, and has high regards to its condition