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the Wikia of the Fan non-profit film, MetropoliS, by JDSteele Productions, an Amatuer NON-profit group.

inspired by the workings of Janelle Monae, Half Life 2, and the original 1920's Metropolis

in The Combine Controlled utopia City 92, in a world of justice and law, segregation between man and the newly equal machine is law. a machine, Cindy Mayweather, Falls in love with a human, Sir Greedown. now the Combine are on the hunt to silence the outburst of this love affair. ATTENTION: ANY CITIZEN CAUGHT WITH OR VIEWING THESE PROFILES ARE SUBJET TO MIND CONDITIONING, NERVE STAPLING, INCARCERATION, OR FINAL VERDICT ADMINISTERING -Combine Overwatch

Newly revisised Combine Copy

Note:all music Belongs to Janelle monae, isao tomita, and sophie ellis baxxtor imagery from Valve please note that this film is non profit and is not a gain at money


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