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"Water can touch the body, and is in the body. But our goal, However, is to make it fuse with the body"

-Combine Lab Technician

Project Hydra was a Scraps Project of Leftover pieces of the Hydra creature. The Product was Liquid Wolf. Marie Antionette saw this as a win-win situation, with a deadly new assassin and usage of the Scrapped Hydra creature.


The Project's intent was to create a Combine unit that had conrtol of all water, it was believed and turned out only one would be made

The ProcessEdit

The process of creating the Weapon consisted of first injecting the mental and physical capabilities of the Hydra into the subject

The ResultEdit

the subject became a killing machine, though it has two personalities, one being more devious (Liquid Oni), and the other being more calm (Liquid Wolf), Liquid Oni is the result of adrenaline pumping through the body, Liquid Wolf is without adrenaline and considered the normal state. both are still deadly regardless, though Liquid Oni's fighting style is more bloodthirsty than Liquid Wolf, whose fighting style is clean and sharp