RHR, Or Code 69.69. is the Combine law of Prohibited RHR (Robot. Human. Relationships) Albeit a corny name, but it is one of the most Enforced laws in the Comnbine


once the machines had mechanized skin to give them a real human appearence, the incidence of RHR began popping up in the Cities. Several Conditions and Diseases arose from this upburst.

  • Metal Clap-its exactly the same as its human counterpart, only provides a dose of lead poisoning as the difference
  • Electric Trauma-machines can still give off electric sparks. in Layman's Terms "Shock to kill"
  • Cut Off-the considerably worst condition or incident that could occur, the man's "****" is cut off by accident during intercourse.


thanks to the tracking devices in newer models of machines, the Combine can safely tack and prevent RHR


punishment for the crime is the Administering of the Final Verdict. if the human is unaware or is not involved, they are left to their lives