"humans who are loners, and have no order, and yet, The Combine are well aquainted with them for numerous reason"

The Ravers are a group of people who are orphans left over from recent conflict in White City (old Proto City 93). they are defined as techno, new wave communities that seem like they should have no place with the Combine. and yet they do, they support zero tolerance policy for recent Discrimination and have on numerous occasions acted as a middle group to stand out from the Combine's Elitist.

Origin Edit

The Original Ravers were the generation of kids whose parents were killed by a terrible plague, still coming in today, most likely caused by the Diseases introduced from the imported combine machines used to work on the now abandoned City 93. they eventually moved to City 92, they didn't want to go die in the Resistance and felt have no home to go to where they can live in peace, the Combine, however, had other plans, they gave them a home in a section of the city, the combine found that they can use this group to their advantage as a Political Propaganda weapon to spread the word they are truly on the side of humanity.

The Current Community Edit

The Ravers are The City's Reckless Cyberpunks, and complete opposites to the Combine Elitist. they are awake 24/7 with wild parties and Techno Raves.

Views Edit

The Consider that they should be Loved, and Give Love regardless of the difference, they are taught to be open-minded and to express themselves through sound and body, however, they have reckless behavior and make trouble for the Metropolice, they distinctly speak their mind when it comes to other classes and don't dare speak out against the goverment, unless they are on speed, thats where the Combine's views differ with that of the Ravers, Ravers use hallucination drugs to get lost into their music and minds, the Combine condone the use of such drugs, to help control this they use Liquid Panther to sell them Mood Sedatives that act and work as close to the drugs but slowly begin to ween the addiction off and prevent further use.

Combine Relationship Edit

Though the Combine gave a new home to these refugees, recent new leaders and Cyberpunk hackers have began bugging the Combine system just as their security blanket.

Famous or Figures of interest Edit